Clarification on Churn Bookings:

Dated: 15 May, 2017

Clarification on Churn Bookings:

Churning Definition as per BIDT policy

Churning refers to repeated canceling and rebooking of same itinerary in the same or
different classes of service across one or more PNRs or GDS/CRSs. Churning is often done
to circumvent ticketing time limits. This practice in totally unacceptable as it blocks seats
from other Service Providers dis-servicing all of our customers. Your Compliance with all
booking and ticketing requirements is requested. Any passenger booking seen 6 or more
times will be liable for cancellation of all existing bookings, with appropriate cost recovery
and penal action.
“Churning” is not permitted for any reason including, without limitation, to circumvent or
extend ticketing time limits, to hold inventory, or to find a fare, or carry forward special
remarks from one itinerary to another.

As per Air India BIDT policy, if the passenger is not ticketed Air India exempts up to five
Irrespective of whether the travel agent has cancelled the booking or not in their GDS
system, Air India is still going to charge for all the churns above five. The reason for
Air India to charge for the churnings above the set limit is because, it blocks Air India
inventory from other prospective passengers leading to revenue loss.

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